The Eames Store


Two Eames projects in one portfolio? What can I say, my Professor loves The Eames, who doesn't?


Different from the other Eames project in my portfolio, this project was done in a team of 3 HCI/d students under a project manager. The goal of the the project was to conceptualize and wireframe an e-commerce web experience for a reemerged Eames brand. The site features 10 classic Eames pieces.

Collaboratively, we researched The Eames Brand, our target market, and planned the user's experience. Individually, we wireframed the Eames store experience. 

Home screen with annotations

Product Gallery with annotations

Product Gallery with annotations

Check out screen with annotations

Check out screen with annotations



Project Type

  • Experience Design
  • Brand Strategy


  • Competitor Analysis
  • Persona & Scenario Development
  • Affinity Diagramming
  • Wireframing


  • Axure 
  • Balsamiq


4 Months; Fall 2013

My Role

As the team facilitator I was primarily responsible setting up team meetings, creating agendas, and keeping my team moving forward towards our deliverables.

Aside from my facilitation role, I participated in the ideation and conceptualization of the site with my teammates. Also, I designed and edited our deliverable documents.